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Without bending any rules, I had to respect the father to my friend in the fact that he is the head of the family. Basing on the family I learned that, polygamy is allowed and the man took to his advantage to marry three wives who respected each other and shared household chores equally. The family is blessed with many children who live happily together who are bonded by their common father who is fair to each of them. Furthermore, most of the household in the society practiced polygamy. TERMINOLOGY: The main terminologies are; culture which is defined by the idea, custom and social behavior of a particular people or society. Occupational and wealth hierarchy is on the rise in the society many tend to equate money and power.

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Every society runs on the beliefs of existence of supernatural powers and beliefs that affects the behavior of the society. I carried out a study about how the family and the society view supernatural beliefs on illness and suffering. The family and the society view is that: 1. Mental disorders is affected by the belief and attitude towards various super cultural and environmental factors ( Phillips et al. The older children are already married people and each is already independent from the family. The household practice farming for economic activity and subsequent farming. The household own a pickup which they use for transportation of milk and farm produce. The father is the manager of the farm assisted by the two elder kids. The neighbors and part of the society also participated in the day to day activities as I observed in that month I conducted observation.

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In addition, gender has been a major influence in the outcome of the society’s culture like women have a greater voice in today’s culture as compared to the old traditional. Context: Having done my observation in the community, i happened to learn that the community had been greatly influenced the modern culture. Goals: In human culture – whether in texts, religious rituals, or political or economic behavior from an anthropological perspective. These insights can be applied both to cultures separated from modern culture by time or space as well as their community’s cultures. An anthropological perspective entails: 1. In my one month co-existence and interrelationship with the family, I realized that the father is responsible in passing down the culture to his family members.

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Coming outwards towards the whole community, the elders played a big role in maintaining and passing down the community’s culture to the next generation. Their main role is to rule, guide, enforce and discipline the community. Likewise, politicians and political influences the culture outcome. In that politicians are seen as leaders and each decision they make is well adopted and followed by the community. Though it’s hard, it’s possible to maintain a good society as long as people are committed to their place in the society and ignore their differences. Reference: Angermeyer, M. C. , H. Matschinger and S. Direct Link | Banerjee, G. and S. Roy, 1998. Determinans of help seeking behaviour of families of schizophrneic patients attending a teaching hospital in india: An indegenous explanatory model.

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