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The field of education, power and authority can be challenging factors. Generally, there has been formats and guidelines of methodologies of imposing education in young children and teenagers in both elementally and in secondary school institutions with regards to the use of power. This paper aims at discussing how power and authority have been implemented in the education sector. And what may be the best general ways of implementing power and authority in childhood education. Education for the childhood age Defining power by Michael, great thinker terms power as a relationship. Young children’s education and relationship between the teacher and children is described clearly where the ECD teachers are responsible for providing the rules and regulation to the children in schools.

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There are special holdings that are used in the early childhood instructors which differ from the other levels of education. The implementation of the policies made by the institutions is done by the teacher. Besides many countries having shown the support in implementing education of young children has been left behind in reality since there exists a problem involving the implementation of the current system which majorly associates with the issue of socialization difficulties. The standard concept the early childhood education is explored across the Americas States. The psychology concerning conformity involves the groups of people of children moving along with the group even if the group is not right and the people involves know it. Education always focuses on conformity in different levels of academic structures.

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The learners are supposed by rules and regulation to conform to conform to one thing or the other like school uniforms, adhering to the call of bells, the high school students are also supposed to conform to the same regulations. Consequently, the students as part of the members of the society, they are taught on how to finally become agreeable and successful members of the community. (Phillips, 2000) According to Orner, (1992), both the secondary schools and the higher education institution are greatly embedded in the competitive local, the national and international market as a mechanism of marketization for the higher education. Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. , 275 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001. Cannella, G. S. Deconstructing Early Childhood Education: Social Justice and Revolution. Teachers College Press, PO Box 20, Williston, VT 05495-0020.

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