Cigarette smoking in the twenty first century

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For example, in our generation today, most people who engage themselves in drugs are mainly youths. Some of our youths are too young to understand the mortal dangers of cigarette smoking, therefore, most young youths who smoke cigarettes, they mainly smoke because other people are smoking or maybe due to peer pressure from other people. It is so sad because, those people who start smoking while they know the dangers of cigarettes, they just suffer as the people who started smoking without the knowledge concerning cigarette smoking. Due to the advanced technology of manufacturing medicine, it has made the lives of many individuals stay healthy. Many people today due to the use of medicine, they have reached a point as to where they don’t recognize the dangers of cigarette smoking (Friedman and Lauri p.

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Due to this disease and those people who smoke; if they receive the knowledge about the dangers of smoking, we can be able to reduce the number of smokers in the society. Some people in the society prefer to smoke while they still know the dangers of cigarette smoking. Education has however advanced, and it has helped to solve many solutions. Through reading, a lot of people misinterpret things, and for people to be able to get a clear understanding, they should have a guide for him to interpret. Therefore, when people learn different ideas from one another on the issue of how to deal with cigarette smoking, the issue of cigarette smoking will currently reduce. When the ratio of deaths for both women and men were being taken, we were able to identify various benefits of cessation.

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This is because lung cancer during the research, it was the disease that caused the highest number of deaths to people who were former smokers. The effect of smoking cessation at young people was highly favorable. This is because, for the smokers who stopped to smoke cigarettes at the ages of twenty-five to thirty-four years, their curves of survival were nearly the same as for the people who don’t smoke. Meaning that for those people who stopped smoking cigarettes early gained about ten years of life compared to those people who continued to smoke. Thus, cigarette smokers can decide the usage of cigarettes. Sometimes it seems difficult for one to decide on a drug he usually uses especially if one is addicted to it.

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Cigarette smokers should learn to make their own decision towards this drug because when one teaches himself towards doing a specific thing, that thing becomes a habit. Therefore when a cigarette smoker starts to teach himself how to stop smoking, he will be able to manage to reduce the rate of using the drug until he eventually stops. It is also true that the cigarette smokers have the willpower of making their own decisions (Espejo and Roman p. For example, as discussed earlier, if we look at improved medical facilities, this day’s many people are treated efficiently. Therefore when people are provided with good medical facilities which would help them cure their diseases, they reduce the fear of getting ill.

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