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In the present, more students than ever are deciding to study in Australia. As proposed by Madge, Raghuram, and Noxolo, (2015, p. the student accommodation marketplace in Australia has encountered a tremendous increase in regional bookings. It is worth to note that some of the most searched-for cities for student booking are Melbourne and Sydney (Madge et al. p. The great choice for students to study in Australia is facilitated by the fact that Australian higher learning institutions have competitive tuition fees, advanced lifestyle, and general friendly weather and climatic conditions in Australia. As a result of this large scale international student exchange, Australia’s destiny in the region and the world has been influenced. Large scale international student exchanges have enabled Australia to increase its economic boundaries, invest in student research initiatives, improve its reputation regarding international collaboration, and engage in multi-cultural exchanges (Madge et al. p. Therefore, this paper will highlight the various ways in which large scale international student has impacted on Australia’s destiny in the region and across the world. Increase of Research Endeavor Large-scale international student exchange has influenced Australia’s destiny in its region as well as in the entire world through increasing the aspect of the research endeavor. International students have contributed positively to research-based studies. This has been facilitated by the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships (Lee, 2015 p. The awards are based on merit and are aimed at ensuring that students obtain financial resources required to carry out research. The awards establish Australia’s reputation for excellence in offering education-related research and reveals its support towards the international students pursuing higher education in the Australian region (Lee, 2015 p.

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Since the international students obtain relevant guidelines on how to carry out informed research, they are careful in analyzing real-world issues in the Australian and developed detailed studies to solve the existing problems. As illustrated by Harmon (2015, p. the international students present possible solutions to various issues affecting Australia in different fields such as in the healthcare system, information technology, banking sector, energy industry, or the security department. The international students also influence other nations in the world by carrying out research which aims to solve global challenges such as terrorism, disparities in health care, or dynamics in the information technology (Harmon, 2015 p. The research undertaken by international students is also vital in understanding different societies regarding the community values, norms, code of conduct, and policies. Interacting with Australians and other nations enable international students to build strong personal relationships.

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It also helps them to learn about Australian culture from the local perspective. In this case, cross-cultural skills are viewed from the standpoint of a globalized world. According to Sakurai et al. p. The students have also been able to foster educationally focused relationships between the students and faculty members in and out of the classroom. The establishment of learning communities is crucial in enhancing student experience and faculty satisfaction levels. Through academic collaboration, international students have contributed positively to the Australian region and other areas of the world (Stromquist & Monkman, 2014 p. Through academic collaboration networks in Australia, students are encouraged to engage in a diverse and inclusive exchange of ideas. This enables them to attain different levels of academics. For instance, students’ spending on various activities such as accommodation, food, recreation, and part-time employment generate income to the Australian economy.

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The part-time employed students give back taxes to the economy (Stromquist & Monkman, 2014 p. These benefits also accrue in the sense that after pursuing their higher learning academics, some of the individuals remain in the Australian region as employees. Hence, Deloitte Access Economics (2016 p. notes that the international students contribute towards the development of the region regarding income taxes. The International Science Collaboration (2018) also notes that the element of international education aims at offering lucrative deals to academics across different regions in the world. In this case, international collaboration comes into consideration (International Science Collaboration, 2018). This is because rather than competing with students who come from nations apart from Australia, the Australian academic system is appropriately formulated. The education system makes sure that a collaborative strategy is followed to create an atmosphere where individuals from the host country can engage other people from other countries.

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At the same time, large-scale international student exchange facilitates global science collaboration among countries. The agencies should be assisted in expanding their enrolment strategies through the provision of partnerships with foreign authorities and organizations. The higher learning institutions should also be made to understand, recognize, and appreciate the different needs, behaviors, and perspectives of particular international student categories. Since the global students are diverse in their mannerisms and cultural identity, it is recommended that the international education providers and facilitators should recognize this aspect. It would be essential in making sure that future environment approaches are developed sustainably. Bibliography Deloitte Access Economics (Firm). International Science Collaboration. Retrieved January 20, 2018, from https://industry. gov. au/science/internationalcollaboration/Pages/default. aspx Lewis, S. and Noxolo, P. Conceptualizing International Education: From 1International Student to International Study.

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Progress in Human Geography, 39(6), pp. Lee, E. Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships Fund Researchers' Efforts Overseas.

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