Public Responses to Immigration in China and Australia

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There are some people who feel that migration is advantageous as it may lead to economic growth of a country. On the other hand, a good number of people disapproves the migration activities with an argument that, migration increases illegal activities in a country. Moreover, others argue that immigration is an act that leads to population pressure and consequently increased the unemployment rate. However, it should be noted that, depending on the nature of a given country, public responses on immigration are different. In this paper, therefore, I am going to evaluate the immigration responses in regard to China and Australia. Others include the recordings of the Labor Unions which outline the record of the worker's responses. From this various sources, it is clear that the members of the public including the parliamentarian and the government officials (Lippard & Gallagher, 2002).

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First, some of the government officials had reported that immigration in Australia would be advantageous because it would help in shaping the population of the country. It is worth noting that, during the Second World War, the population of Australia was greatly reduced when the Japanese attacked them. Furthermore, Australia is a very big country and therefore there can be no pressure on the land as far as population is concerned. There was a fear that the conflict that had been there between the white Austrians and the others would continue and consequently increase tension among the inhabitants. Negative ethnicity would also arise as a result of differences in culture. According to multiple studies on ethnicity, people criticize other people’s culture rather than embracing it.

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There has also been hues and cries that, rather than encouraging immigration so as to increase the population. The government should consider using other methods that would promote the population size. However, in the recent times, the situation has changed adversely. The number of people who enters into China has increased at an alarming rate. This has led to the formulation of government policies on labor and population that are leaned towards countering the situation. According to on research countries economic development, China is one of the countries whose economy has grown seriously in the last one decade. Indeed it has been classified among the countries which are highly industrialized (Dustmann, 2016, p. On the other hand, some groups of people including the Trade Unions have been in the forefront to oppose immigration.

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Some raise the alarm that, for a long time China had never had the experience in dealing with immigration issues. As a result, they have not been able to control or else to sieve the people who enter the country. This had led to the increased immigration of people who come with an intention of engaging in illegal activities such as peddling. Moreover, people have been taking the advantage of propagating the smuggling activities which are illegal in the country (Liang, 2001, p. References Alexander, M. M.  Cities and labour immigration: Comparing policy responses in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Dustmann, C. Immigration to Australia.  Teaching History, 38(1), p. Kashiwazaki, C. Internationalism and transnationalism: Responses to immigration in Japan.

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