Why Higher Education Should Cost Less

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The paper tries to look at how important it is to reduce the cost of higher education services. Looking at the level as route to prosperity, a right and not a privilege, as well as limiting discrimination and development of poor backgrounds will bring a concrete reason to have the government initiative. It is through these factors that there will be equality access to education for Higher education level. Introduction The education system in the American society was provided to entail the knowledge provision for the people in trying to do away with the illiteracy levels as well as equip the people with better ways to innovate. The system was branched into various section that would enable the people to go through the various stages from childhood to youthful stage that is from k-12 to higher education.

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In the resonation of this effect, one can see the effects and importance of having and attaining the college education in the manner that will better their livelihood. The stand on the necessity of the higher education beckons to shape the career and profession of the people. It is through the higher education that one is able to align his life desires, his or her studies as well as career goals. In other systems that is the primary and secondary the shaping of the career and profession path is not into much hast and therefore leaves the higher education institutions such as colleges and universities with that task of shaping the career and profession of the person. However, the attainment of this form of education has experienced a lot of challenges in that many people have been unable to afford the service due to the high fees charged for one to access the system.

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In the year 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Land Grant College Act that would see to it that there is publicly funded university education for American citizens, (Keith, 2016). The indication by this meant that many students will access education of higher institutions. Viewing the provision of education up to the high schools level only as the most common availed form of basic education, does not satisfy the want and need to knowledge and prosperity for the children. The limitation up to this level has been as a result of high cost of the education in colleges and other higher institutions as opposed to that law that Lincoln had signed. “For most of our nation’s history, public colleges and universities have been much more affordable than they are today, with lower tuition,” (Keith, 2016).

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Discrimination in the education sector is one of the shortcomings that have seen stagnated education and research development in the country. Coming from a poor background means that one is limited to their own rights to access education as opposed to those who are capable or come from wealthy backgrounds. I the view of Obama administration introduction of free community college plan, it would give grants reducing tuition at HBSCUs, (Tressie, 2015). The provision of this will improve the aspect of doing away with inequality and introducing a fair ground for the students to take their studies as opposed to earlier inequalities. The government ought to amend more laws that will benefit or introduce equality in education. It is through this that President Lincoln signed into law the Grant order that would enable an equal distribution and access to education for everybody up to that level.

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However this did not happen due to shortcomings and has rendered the current state of affairs where majority of the students are not attaining the higher education system. To be able to address this shortcoming, the government ought to look out into certain inductions and reduce the cost towards attaining the higher education. Looking at the higher education as the pathway to prosperity for the people will make the government realize how important it is for the people to attain higher education equally. Through the view of education as a right and not privilege to the citizens, the government will step up in providing and cutting cost towards enrollment to higher education. ” The American Prospect, prospect. org/article/argument-tuition-free-college. Page , Max, and Dan Clawson.

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