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Weather changes from every hour and from one day to the other while climate does not change from hours to hours but after a very long period. Climate change refers to any change in the manner which weather patterns after that change takes a long duration (maybe after 100 years or more). It can also be used to mean the differences when the average conditions of the weather after a long period average conditions. However, there are many arguments on the climate change arguing that climate is just but a myth. Considering the phenomenon on the changes occurring in the sea level. Report on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a good source on science background. The third myth is that there is cold or snowing, therefore there is nothing like climate change.

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This means that there is inadequacy on climate since days or weeks will never give a prove concerning climate warming. Weather is said to be a mood while climate is mainly personality. This simply means that in case you don’t need weather, then you need to wait while if you don’t need climate then you have to move. A comparison between the temperature of the station and each land is made on daily nation basis to the “normal”to that particular area and the time mainly a long duration of about 30 years ,These changes are called “anomalies “and they aid scientists to understand the manner in which temperature keeps changing with time. An average of daily anomalies is done for the whole year, this average is is later used to show anomalies in temperature from one season to the other and from one year to the other.

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