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6 billion customers daily in more than 200 countries worldwide (Laudon et al, p. The core activities of the company include manufacture and selling beverages and syrups to bottling companies, and marketing their products. Industrial and business-to-business markets are among the markets focused by Coca-Cola with the help of its core values which comprise of diversity, leadership, integrity, quality, and collaboration. Consequently, the company is bound to the international legal framework, laws, and regulations since it has branches in most parts of the continent. it has to follow the beverage laws provided by the World Health Organization and also other local laws formulated by distinct countries such as public health laws of the UK, California, Barbados among others. Coca-Cola gets political information through local and international Television and radio stations like BBC.

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com, CNN. com, Skynews. com among others. Social and cultural factors affect the consumption of the company’s products instigating Coca-Cola to have vast information which is availed through social media, televisions and also internal research conducted by the company (Jones et al, P. The head of the marketing and sales department briefed me on the different market and forecasting technique the company was using. The forecasting techniques are later discussed on the report. Task 2 Marketing strength’s weaknesses, threats and capabilities of the Coca-Cola company. Coca-Cola company doesn’t enjoy the power of monopoly due to the existence of other similar brands producing similar goods. These include Pepsi, Red Bull, and Dr. 12), the Coca-Cola company has several capabilities of boosting its exploitation of the international business by improving of certain areas such as the water controversies.

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It ought to improve the expansion of Kinley water and produce more packaged drinking water. Also, it should increase diversification in the health and food business leading to huge profits due to cross-selling of products. It has to focus on the developing countries since they are still enjoying carbonated beverages and soft drinks. Furthermore, the company should market more the less selling products, such as Coca-Cola blak, Mare Ronso, Kvas, Coca-Cola Vio and improve the supply chain management based on transportation and distribution of its products. Currency fluctuation and international taxes hiking imposes a threat to the company too. Improving international market performance the company will have to integrate more strategic alliances which include collaborating with other company’s products to boost the low selling products (Gomes et al, p.

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Franchising will include allowing other companies to use its trademark for monetary exchange. Cooperative business models include the merging of different partners with different levels of technology and markets to form a cooperative. All these strategies are aimed at improving the international markets and the company’s output. Also, the company should reduce the sugar level and soda concentration so as to meet the standards of its market too. Over a decade, the consumers' lifestyle has changed due to changes in demography. The customers require food home delivery which the company does not offer. The company ought to start this service with Burger King to attract more customers. Moreover, due to technological changes, the company should incorporate direct-to-customer sites or third-party e-commerce platforms where customers can place orders directly without searching for distributors.

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Its main pro is that it focuses on profit margins, expenditure and specific sales of each product and service by incorporation of managers and employees while its cons include errors due to assumptions are escalated to the macro level from the micro level. Delphi techniques rely on the outcome of questionnaires to forecast. Its pro consists of diverse aggregate opinions from different experts and can be done virtually while its con includes the slow rate of discussion due to long responses and fails to integrate a live discussion in bringing ideologies. Additionally, scenario planning is the forecasting on market analysis based on future environmental change over time. Its pro is it has the ability to minimize future challenges in the market in case they pop out whereas it has the uncertainty if such problems will arise.

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