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The culture has been sustain across dozens of generations and thus it has been evolving as more people are seen showing their interests by taking part in it. Charity giving has been an instrument used to improve the average welfare of the society especially targeting those who are in need. This presentation will focus on the Community Foundation of North Texas. This is a non-profit organization whose prime focus has been to avail community knowledge to those who wish to achieve their charitable goals in their lifetimes. Using funds sourced from the partners as well as donors, the organization seeks to enable interested individuals in the society to support the specific causes that they really care about. This will eventually end up acting as a demotivation and thus most people will stop valuing charity giving.

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However, this is not the case when it comes to the Community Foundation of North Texas. This organization operates in a way that it avails individuals with philanthropic interests with professional knowledge concerning their specific fields of interest. In this manner, one has the chance to dictate how they wish to allocate the donated resources so as to fulfill their charity goals. This is one major reason why choosing to donate to this charity is more significant in ensuring every individual achieves their charity objectives. (Kessler). This ideology actually implies that most people would love to achieve their charitable goals with aspects of the society that they can actually connect with from a personal perspective. The organization in this context gives one a chance to perform charity giving on the aspect of the society that they can connect to personally.

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