Compare and Contrast the Bible to Mel Gibsons film Passion of the Christ

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I found the film to be moving, incredible but it is the spiritual film regardless of the fact that it depicts the detailed torturing of Jesus and also being graphically violent. This film is entirely more than artistic, religious and social context. However, the film has exaggerations, which are not biblical, and elements that are quoted out of the Bible. In the filming, it is accepted to vividly bring out the suffering of Jesus in his last moments. The focus of this paper is to Compare and contrast passion of Christ to the Bible The film begins in the Garden of Olive where Jesus went to pray immediately after the last supper. For example in one scene, we find Jewish girl and with a bowl of water.

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The passion Jesus had, show brutality he passes through so that he can save people, though, in the movie, Jews are the one advance for his death and persecutions. In the film; The Passion of the Christ, many scenes are not found in the gospel books which include elements such as motifs, themes, and characters, but they are there for additional of elements of drama. In the movie scenes especially where Jesus Christ is taken before the High priests, Caiaphas and Pilate, he is pinned down by his own people about blasphemy allegations, which is not openly talked about in the Bible. In both the Bible and the movie, Jesus Christ has no intentions that are bad to his people but he is taken to be the major enemy in the society.

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However, it does not portray clearly or explain the reason why the Jews people acted in such a manner to make their Messiah being slain. According to the movie, the Jews people felt passionate about putting Christ to death since they were screaming adamantly in the scenes that crucify him but it is not explained in the Bible. In the movie, there is the appearance of the Satan in many scenes, which are very significant, but in the Bible in the books of the gospel, there is no something like that. In this movie, Satan is portrayed wearing a hood that is black covering his head in form of a human being with a veil on his shoulder (Griffiths, 2007). Satan first appears to Jesus when is praying to God in the forest before his arrest by the soldiers.

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In the movie, it is used to increase the tension and drama. Also, it segregates between the bad and the good (Leitch, 2009). The action in the scene where Judas is leading to betrays Jesus his capture and arrest by soldiers. He is held convict by guards in chains and being tortured as he is taken to face the Chief priest; he is suspended in the air and tossed over the bridge on the way (Lundberg, 2009). Here is when Judas’ eyes lock to Jesus and feel guilty of betraying the Christ. In the movie, the second scenario of Satan appearance is to depict the resulting betrayal of Judas. For the movie a viewer, Satan is used to put more weight on what Judas has done is wrong and that is also manifested in the guilt he passes through.

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The manifestation of Satan is furthermore seen when Jesus is scoured by the guard on the way towards Skull as he is carrying the Cross-for his crucifixion. The appearance of Satan is also seen when the guards are scourging Jesus, and as he is carrying the cross towards The Skull to be crucified. Last seen of Satan is depicted when screaming in hell in tears and after the death of the Christ immediately. The Passion of Christ is quite more than a well-made movie that narrates the story of Jesus and entertains the peoples. The subject of the movie is forgiveness, love, faith, and hope. It is a unique film that shocks and remains clear for the longer period of time.

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