Conflict in Hamlet

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At the initial stages, conflicts tend to disrupt the normal unity and usual routine of the group through the actions of the parties involved, which may eventually be resolved by the parties themselves or through intervention of an external party, to normalize the situation and restore the normal interaction and unity of the parties that were in stiff conflict before. In some circumstances, violence or physical confrontations may be the end result of a conflict in our society. However, different people have various ways of resolving disputes and other conflicts in the society. In as much as there are a few people who may resolve to peaceful conflict resolution such as mediation, the majority of people in the society today usually resort to revenge as a way of satisfying their anger.

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William Shakespeare in the Hamlet finds himself in conflict dilemma and tries to give an account on how situations can make an individual resort to revenge as a way of seeking justice, without considering that the decision may directly affect them in a negative way. The fact that Prince Fortinbras, the son to the Norwegian king who had been killed by King Hamlet is in the same situation of seeking revenge assists him to calm down as he is reassured that he is not the only individual undergoing the pain, as there are others with much more worse cases than his. He is however pushed by the responsibilities that he has to seek revenge for the death of his father and to protect her mother and the kingdom and he finds himself yet in a more situation of confusion.

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According to Michael Davies in his book “Hamlet: Character Studies”, right from the time the Prince Hamlet is summoned from school to attend his father's funeral; his whole view of things and people around him becomes totally different. When his late father appears to him as a ghost in the castle, his worst fears that King Claudius, his uncle, could have killed his father rather seemed to be confirmed (Davies 12). Davies further explains that despite the fact that Hamlet is the heir to the throne and is supposed to be king immediately after his father, he comes back home only to find out that Claudius has crowned himself king and has even remarried Gertrude, her mother. "The Case of Hamlet's Conscience.

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