Connection between gender roles and sex

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Even more, studies indicate that the societal perceptions of gender roles are extended even to the workplaces where the male gender re preferred for some jobs whereas women are not (Hoff 27). Hoff argues that the Swedish government has imposed the change in the culture to have the girls play with the boys as one way of encouraging a gender-neutral environment (Hoff 20). Hoff emphasizes that the Swedish parents, teachers the authorities, and youth groups should have boys play with girls to enhance a gender-neutral society. Gender neutrality came into effect in Sweden during a Christmas season in the 18th century when young boys were allowed to play with the girls. Out of the realization that gender has a significant influence on choice of roles on children, several debates concerning the association between sex and gender has been gaining attention in the Swedish market (Hoff 25).

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This view shows how people came to their gender in the belief that shows how we are supposed to perceive the gender-based behavior in the children as a way of eliminating gender in a variety of ways in the biological world and the ordinary interrelationships. The argument here is that the people should not categorized based on their sex, but, how they are primarily perceived by the society and the world that sex and gender create in understanding the gender neutrality (Hoff 28). The biological evidence shows that the rough and tumble play, in fact, makes the boys and girls happier than aggression. That is the most of the social game that improves the writing skills, the way of imagination, creative thinking and the speech.

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The author wants the children to have these skills as one way of enhancing the difference between the boys and girls in the society. This is because the men and female is a way of more socially recognized and accepted in the form of people. This is true from the birth, where the male and female sex are useful in the gender identity. The engagement of the children in the play brings out gender neutrality in the society. Personally, I agree that Swedish experiments have begun in our institutions directly because tests carried out in the Swedish schools through the realization in integrating biological tissues with the robots in the system have by incorporated in our current facility through advocating the study in technology.

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