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A scorecard can be used to predict a firm as it ensures that the business operates on a fixed tract. Thus there are minimal variations on the expected outcomes of the business operations. A balanced scorecard is a fundamental component in business development as it enhances learning and growth in business, customers, and financial management. It is thus of essence when striving to achieve set goals, measurements, initiatives, and goals in a business firm. Beside enhancing development, it also gives feedback on the implemented business operations. The crucial role of a scorecard is to focus on employees' attention and effort on a positive impact (Engert, &. Baumgartner, 2016). Apart from giving a measure of work performed by an employee, an accomplishment record is necessary for that, it is useful when a firm wants to decide on the suitability of an employee in its organization.

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Finally, a scorecard, according to Engert & Baumgartner (2016), provides an even performance field for performance and communication. It ensures a drastic positive impact on the performance of a firm. J. , Ezzamel, M. , and Qu, S. Q. Promoting an administration bookkeeping thought: The instance of the fair scorecard. Journal of Business Ethics, 133(2), 193-221.   B) Environmental performance reports categorize the company into a global standard based on whether they are doing right or wrong in the market. Sustainable reports give the information of the company concerning the social, environmental, economic, and political operations. In this case, the chosen company is Wal-Mart, which is a retail store using network channels to reach their customers at the lowest and nearest levels. Wal-Mart aims at providing affordable, safe food and products of various kinds to the people around the globe.

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The company went ahead to sign a deal with the Japanese ecommerce Rakuten company and purchased an online Indian grocer Flipkart. Compliance was demanded from all the companies at first, but for now, there is much concern about corporate attitudes that boosts environmental performance. When the companies improved on their corporate attitudes have realized some substantial financial improvements due to the growth, they achieved from their high performances (Gielens et al. With the more advanced means of assessing the corporate costs, it is evident that there was an underestimation on the environmental costs. The ecological costs did not cover for the performance magnitudes. Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy of Management. Gielens, K. , Geyskens, I. , Deleersnyder, B. , and Nohe, M. Brewer, et al.

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(2015) argues that managers need to consider relevant costs that could change the outcome should they make a particular decision. If the price of outsourcing to the vendor is less, then the managers decide to purchase. Managers face a complex process of making business decisions, especially concerning the dynamics in the business environment (Reinstein, et al. Relevant costs, therefore, are essential for managers making decisions, as they are considered sensible. Such costs are considered avoidable costs and deciding to close production is likely to reduce the cost spent (Reinstein, et al. It is therefore essential to put into considerations relevant costs and sunk costs in special circumstances before making a business decision.   References Brewer, P. C. , Garrison, R. , & Grayson, M. M. Resolving the Sunk Cost Conflict', Advances in Management Accounting (Advances in Management Accounting, Volume 28).

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  B) Internal Constraints Starbucks has, in the recent, faced financial difficulties, which resulted in losses. The unfortunate economic situation in the company has created lug for the company as it cannot invest in other markets or make new products (Li, 2017). These shops might be offering the coffee at reduced prices that end up paralyzing the market that Starbucks could have enjoyed (Li, 2017). There is also the issue of sociocultural bounds that can hinder the company from venturing into the global markets. Another big blow to the industry is an imitation. Imitation is where there is another producer who might copy-paste the taste, color, and quantity of coffee similar to that of Starbucks, thus causing the group to lose market share. Climate change has negatively affected agricultural production, and hence, coffee is likely to be expensive (Mhando, 2019).

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