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In every instance, shoddy type of thinking is costly, in quality of life and in money. If one wants to think well, they have to at least have an understanding of the fundamentals of thought, which comprise of the most basic structures that comprises the making of every sort of thinking (Tanriverdi et al. In line with what we have been studying in this course or unit, it is crucial for me to learn how to take thinking apart so that I may apply what I have leaned with regard to the creation of an inclusive environment that accommodates diversity. Once I have analyzed the thinking, it is important to assess it by applying the universal academic standards. These standards are used by all reasonable people to judge reasoning.

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The main reason emphasized for multiple ways of thoughts is that is it helps an individual to facilitate well-informed observations. His essay provides an outline of four main types or steps involved in critical thinking, which comprise of observation, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation- all in that order (Stoner 2000). Critical Thinking Model for Course Reflection Out of the two models, I would prefer to apply the model developed by Dr. Benjamin even though Stoner’s model is more appealing and simple to use in reflecting on the course material. The main reason for selecting Bloom's Taxonomy of Higher Thinking is because it the kind of model that is highly used and recommended when a person wants to design learning, training, and educational processes.

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It will help to see the differences between inferences and facts. Synthesis (Creating): this the process of taking the knowledge that one has so far and connect with another knowledge (Bloom & Krathwohl, 1956). In this process, I will be building the pattern or structure from diverse elements to make them function in my workplace. This is just putting the pars back together to create a whole, while emphasizing on the creation of an entirely new structure or meaning. For instance, in creating inclusive atmosphere, I will select which examples and discussions are best suited for which topic and groups of students. The skills I have gained are far beyond my comprehension. Reflect on Personal and Professional Dispositions I have gained a high level of proficiency in this area, especially through the assignments.

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