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In this article, am going to practice the CRAAP test and its elements by determining if a webpage is a suitable source to be used as scholarly document. I will also practice the use of CRAAP test and discuss why its important to be careful when using webpage sources. Write Evaluating a webpage In my evaluation, I will apply the CRAAP tests on a website with effects of child on divorce as my keyword. In the search result, I realized that there are many sites which have exactly the same abstract as the web am searching. Due to this close relation, o have to be keen on my search word and keyword. I arrived to a conclusion that the site was designed for psychology students.

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Authority. The site is attached to unknown movement of self-proclaimed psychologists and a close examination proved to me that there was no authority reference. The address provided in the website cannot be found by Google maps. Accuracy. It was a week which was filled by both surprising and confusing developments. First, it was my pressure and to everyone to become familiar with the material we covered. It was interesting to gain webpage knowledge and many helpful skills in research and writing. All four elements in CRAAP test will play a big role in my future web technology by enabling me use the most reliable and credible information in system. Before we were introduced to CRAAP test and evaluation of websites, I had a belief that all sites are accurate and credible.

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