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The team learning grows very rapidly day by day. Critical thinking is the main element in Academia and education which is developing a relationship between teaching and learning. The 21st century is known to be the era of research and development. The world has turned to be the global village where the need of the academia and ethics took for the development. The need to learn something new has grown in accordance to the growing requirements of the world where the technology is growing at greater pace (Adeosun, 2008). The Army Management Staff College, who are responsible for developing the policy of the system’s reforms, should combine the old with the new through building a bridge instead of considering something which doesn’t facilitate both. If these skills are really important so we should concentrate on updating the content and curriculum which doesn’t only provide knowledge from a book but also its application through better understanding (Gu, 2006).

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The ethical values are developing and new theories of learning are provided by the social researchers. To resolve the issue of students and provide awareness about to think critically about problems solving is a difficult and challenges phase but the result will be more obvious through practicing knowledge and behavior. We can only meet the growing demands of the world through developing interpersonal communication skills where we learn to practically establish our intercommunication skills and understanding of surroundings. These are growing people of the world which have organized them through learning and process development. We are facing the era of revolution that is requiring innovative skills and abilities. Writing provides the common cultural providing knowledge about the different eras and regions. Writing present the spontaneous flow of feelings defined in shape of words.

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It's a creative activity. Question at Issue or Problem to be solved: The conceptual framework is necessary for the development of the principal, rules, and codes that provide the reason to the facts. Before making these objectives and finding the consistency of the conceptual framework and developing prior hypotheses, critical thinking is helpful in finding the assumption on which theory is based. The problem solving is not a new phenomenon but the relationship is quite complex in nature that is leading towards the social networking and the spread of fertility. The trade-off between the increased substantiality presents biased results in the diversity reasoning and fluctuations. There is a difference in cultural and psychological developments in the past as well in the current era (Pinola, 2013). They are provided with the fact that if they want to improve their way to evaluation critically they should have learned to critically examine the back forth and bottom facts of the statement.

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Assumptions: it provides the basis for the study that is about building the theory or hypothesis of study. The study has created relevance in the inter-disciplinary discussion and provided a brief history of the biology, anthropology and the psychology where they need to interact with the outer environment, individually or in a group. Implication and Consequences: it is related to the implementation of the idea and ideological development of learning behavior. The idea is presenting through modeling the evolutionary game theory where it is defined that human nature adaptive and provides a wide variation but these features are based on the genetic behaviors and foraging behavior. We should learn norms and behaviors of the people around us. Empathy understands the sense behind the communication. Understanding the feeling of the person communicating with us is necessary to.

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Cognitive complexity is meant to know the multiple reasoning behind what is communicated to us. This behavior could be the result of person’s physical well-being. The conversation rules for the language are to be clearing, concise, concrete, correct coherent, complete and courteous. The language rules are important in the conversation so other persons can make the better understanding of the idea behind the conversation. How the people convey and other take this matter. The language removes the barriers of the not understanding the sense of the matter. Good communication requires the better understanding of the behaviors and the similarities of the non-verbal behavior across culture and the genders. It is the emotional attachment with the personality, disposition and the motivation. These emotions could create positive or negative reactions such as aggressiveness, joy, annoyance, submission or disapproval.

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The forms of non-listening are Pseudo listening, monopolizing selective listening, Defensive listening, ambushing and literal listening. In the close relationship, there is non-listening when we are more defensive about these relations. We do not listen what is against our personality and perception (Schroeder, 2012). REFERENCES: Adeosun. O. Teacher Education Programmes and Acquisition of the 21st Century Skills: Issues and Challenges In Nigeria. University Of Lagos, Nigeria. Elsssy. Gardner. H. Five Minds for the Future. Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Publishing. Richardson. and Manoj, K. S. Leadership Management: Principles, Models, and Theories. Global Journal of Management and Business Studies. Vol, 3. Partnership for Global Learning. Pinola. M. Learn Anything in 20 hours with this Four-Step Method. Stevens. An issue, 2. An article, 4. PP: 1-9. Wagner. T.

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