Cultural Revitalization and Gender

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This is because most of the times you will be viewing your culture to be superior to those of others. To be in a position of overcoming the tendency towards ethnocentrism, it is important to first change your own perspective and take an assumption of outsiders towards the culture you belong to and on the hand assume an insider's perspective towards other people culture. In this assignment, I will elaborate on my own culture through the aspect of an etic lens in order to be able to gain an outsider's perspective. In order to familiarize with motivations behind another cultural perspective, I will have to take an examination of another culture aspect from an insider's perspective. I will specifically examine the American higher education state and also discuss the Sweden boys' ant school culture.

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I will take an examination of African American race, its behaviors, and cultural practices and contrast it to the local culture of the Nacirema people. In my work, I will depict the some of their close similar comparisons even if the two are distant in time and relationship. It is hard to convince someone that the two cultures can share something in common. Additionally, I will focus on depicting that even if the cultures are different, there is still a combination of several behaviors noticeable in the two cultures (Miner, 1956). To understand the customs and culture of Nacirema related to culture of African American, I will make use of a methodological tool of cultural relativism. Models of etic describe every culture in alien ways to its participants but by facilitating comparison between universal discovery principles and cultures in the functioning and structure of the culture.

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In Miner's article entitled, Body Rituals among the Nacirema, he described the "Nacirema" culture aspects from an etic perspective. Through this, the reader of the article is able to realize that Nacirema is the American people and that the term Nacirema is the backward spelling of the word American. Using etic perspective in explaining American culture is vital since it helps in jumping outside the native experiences society enculturated members. Just like the way other cultures seem unusual to us before understanding their context, is the same manner the practices of the Americans seem unusual to outsiders when viewed from an etic perspective of view (Miner, 1956). Viewing Germans as cultural outsiders, they might conclude that their system of high education is preferable.

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Relating to their system, they might be surprised by the absence of activism and protests among the students in American colleges (Becker, 2004). Part two In this second section, I will focus on explaining the narratives of culture that have a negative impact on the boys' school performance in Sweden. Emic analysis being an insider's reasonable account written for outsiders' but portraying the meaning of the culture as understood by the insider. In an article called Boys' Anti-school culture? The author does an ethnography of two schools to help in understanding the attitude of boys' towards schooling. In other countries, American normal behaviors are viewed to be completely strange. The negative and positive aspects of our system of education are broken by evaluating the significance of education and its distribution in race and class.

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