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Now, we might have all heard about Liberia in one way or the other, however, we might not have all had the chance of traveling there. In my speech, I will talk about the culture and life of Liberia. As such, I will tell you specifically about the general information about the country, its cultural aspects, and lastly its unique communication behaviors culture. Let me start by explaining to you more about this country. Liberia is an independent African country located on the West African coast. Now that we have general overview of the country, I will explain to you its cultural aspects. Liberia is an interesting country with a diverse cultural setup. The country is famous for the Bassa culture which is a helmet mask for the Sande society.

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Additionally, Liberia’s culture emanates from the antebellum American South where the Americo-Liberians originally came from (Dunn-Marcos and Dunn-Marcos 2). The country also has a history in the textile industry. Technological advancements are also evident in the country as about 50% of the total population communicate via telephones (Lori, Jody & Joyceen 455). Further, Liberia is a polychromic country as many families depend on their own and many things are done individually. Most Liberians, especially those from the low-class, do not believe in the authorities governing them. There are a lot more that a person can learn about Liberia. We are not likely to exhaust all of it in one sitting. Boyle. "Cultural childbirth practices, beliefs, and traditions in post conflict Liberia. " Health care for women international 32.

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