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The company specializes in the manufacture of computers, selling as well as repairing the defective computers (Pedersen, 2017). It is also involved in the production of supporting products for their finished goods which are computers. The Dell Inc. was founded by Michael Dell and has grown to be one of the giant technology corporations worldwide with over 103,300 employees (Pedersen, 2017). The corporation finished goods are Dell laptop computers (Pedersen, 2017). suppliers required for manufacturing of the laptops, production of the laptop computers is increased. On the contrary, shortage in production is also evidenced when there is a shortage in production of laptops manufacturing raw materials. Supply Chain Management in Dell Inc. also in charge of supplier and customer relation. The SCM in Dell Inc.

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Through forecasting, Dell Inc. can use historical market data to establish market future trends (Christiansen et al, 2014). Trends such as changes are prices of products are determined via forecasting. When prices and demand for the Dell Inc. finished products are expected to be low, production of the products is reduced to evade losses (Christiansen et al, 2014). S. An examination of inventory and production costs in the models with stock out risk under JIT system.  International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence, 3(3), 259-269. Christiansen, C. , Eriksen, J. R.  Operations and supply chain management (pp. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Monczka, R. M.  DELL Technologies (Bachelor's thesis, BI Norwegian Business School). Stadtler, H. Supply chain management: An overview. In Supply chain management and advanced planning (pp.

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