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This paper describes the formation of a lesson plan that will embrace the use of technology. Part 1: Tool for Evaluation of the Lesson Selected Lesson URL: http://www. cpalms. org/Public/PreviewResourceLesson/Preview/28391 Selected Lesson Title: Exploring habitats Primary Content Area and Grade Level: ­­­­­­­ English language Arts , science grade level 5 Selected Lesson Description: Exploring the habitats is a science-related lesson that is dealing with the exploration of different habitats and examining its constituents. It focusses on the adaptations of various animals and plants in the localities they exist. These traits of the students include; they can interact creatively while in the discussion and through the act of technology use in the exploration of various places through the internet. The analysis and the learning of the environmental traits in the habitats tend to improve and generate the outcomes which benefit in the generation of valuable information meant to understand the plant and animal traits.

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These are by the set standards of the student which includes the innovative learning for students and involved in creative thinking. Uses of technology greatly help in the implementation of the studies since it helps to access the information from habitats that the students could not access. Using technological tools such as satellites and the use of available data from the internet help in the generation of data from highly risky places. Assessment: Evaluating students will be done through the continued assessment method involving checking activities done by students. The evaluation helps in determining whenever the student makes mistakes or when they make wrong use of the internet. The learning of this lesson would enable the students in the application of the global collaborator standards in the learning process.

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The rule allows for the students in appreciating someone else's work from the internet source and making good use of it to draw vital information meant for the development of their skills. Assessing the ability will be done through the examination of their work and how they relate the information observed and read to make important decisions. These integrations would also draw unethical issues in the school learning process since the students may include misuse of the internet. As a result of this, there should be guiding principles employed in the classes to govern the application of technology in the learning processes. These principles may include rules and punishments to the internet misuses in school and the prohibition of free access to various sites.

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