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Doctor Beckett’s case study of her dental office is an ideal example that can illustrate how services marketing works. This case study indicates how to go about improving service delivery in order to ensure there is justification for the money paid therein by enhancing quality. A closer look at this case study will uncover what is required to be done in order to ensure a successful services marketing procedure is undertaken. The Elements of Services Marketing Mix in the Case Study Price There are several elements of the services marketing mix that the case study of Doctor Beckett’s case study addresses. Pricing is one of these elements and it plays a big role in ensuring that the services marketing process is a success.

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Placement This refers to the location where the delivery of the service in question will be happening such that the clients are able to make their way a physical location and get the services they want (Armstrong, 2015 p. Doctor Beckett’s choice is San Francisco because her options in California do not seem to satisfy her. Strategically placing a business premise is the key to working out a successful services marketing process. By virtue of customizing a business premise, Doctor Beckett is being smart because under such conditions her building will incorporate everything that a dental clinic can possibly require since she knows what it entails to make a premise fit for a good dental clinic (Wright, 2012 p. People The staff with whom, an individual, works with are very important in ensuring services marketing is a success (Armstrong, 2015 p.

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She addresses this by launching a website, which acts as a communicating platform between the staff and the patients, something that Doctor Beckett says is important in building the staff-patient relationship, which is vital in solving the problem of people disliking to visit a dentist (Wright, 2012 p. Patient Education Concerning the Services Available Educating the customers who are the patients, in this case, is very vital in services marketing. When sick people walk into a dental clinic they should be well aware of the services they expect and everything to do with the charges so that they can decide whether to proceed and seek the services. Other than the charges, it is important to consider educating the patients on the procedures that they are bound to undergo because they deserve to know what is going to happen to them in the treatment process.

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Doctor Beckett clearly explains that in her clinic she uses videos and pamphlets to educate her patients about dental procedures. The presence of comfortable sits makes it even better as the patients do not get tired. Follow-up calls and thank cards are also available for patients and this is encouraging. Most notably is the provision of thank you cards for any patient who refers an individual to Beckett’s clinic. This contrasts with most of the dental services I have experienced because not many of them are often willing to invest in the patients’ comfort when they are only around for a few hours and then they are probably gone for months or years before they ever come back again. Any dentist who is currently practicing dentistry has to adapt Doctor Beckett’s strategy if they are to attract more customers.

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