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There are also other aspects of selling strategies used by the company such as; advertisement through mails, and online marketing websites on Twitter and Facebook. In every week before a new store is opened, the organization offers promotional services of free pizza as one way of boosting its strategies on making huge sales. Lastly, the company explores the strategy of using public relations by taking part in activities such as donations and fundraisings. Generally, the company is portrayed as an expert on aspects of employing all the 4 attributes of a promotion model to attract consumers (Pride & Ferrell, 2016). Similarly to other business brands, Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana has its strong and weak parts. Part One: References Pride, W. M. , & Ferrell, O.

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C. Foundations of marketing. Through the use of wind turbines or solar panels, customers will be able to generate adequate power as compared to the electricity bought from the various utility company. Installation of a solar system for an average home can cost as high as $40,000 while wind turbines may approximately cost $17500. However, the high demand for renewable energy sources has compelled manufacturers to produce new designs of solar panels which are more efficient, and advanced. Due to the rising competition on a global basis, prices of renewable energy equipment have rapidly dropped by 50% with the introduction of silicon solar systems (Sun & Nie, 2015). Generally, the cost of acquiring renewable energy sources have become more pocket-friendly due to the dramatic drop in prices and incentives from the government for purchasing products that are highly efficient for businesses and home use.

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Strengths for the Renewable Energy Group • It is a company that is highly successful in terms of its product provision • Activity automation has attributed to quality consistence • Highly skilled taskforce • Well-established dealer community • Reliable suppliers • Higher profit margin • A strong network of distribution Weaknesses • Outside its core business, the company is characterized by limited success • More investment in advanced technologies is needed • The company’s products leave the market with much to be desired • Difficulties in integrating companies defined by various work cultures Opportunities • More stability due to the lower rate of inflation • Establishment of new markets • Technological advancements • New environmental regulations in favoring renewable sources of energy • New customers Threats • Irregular supply of innovative solar products • Certain global markets lack the needed skilled labor • Advanced technologies introduced by other competitive firms • Changes in buying behaviors of customers Case Analysis 1) Product pricing is one essential aspect that characterizes how a company spearheads its marketing strategy.

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For the case of Renewable Energy Group, pricing initiative is mainly defined by various external factors which the company needs to pay uttermost attention to them. Some of the external factors include: • Competition – The Company must conduct a comprehensive study regarding the extent of market competition before establishing the prices of various products. For the case of stiff competition, the products’ prices may be lowered, and when the competition is low, the prices may be increased (Twidell & Weir, 2015). • Consumers – Price fixation is perfectly done when the Renewable Energy Group considers the element of its customers. Part Two: References Sun, P. , & Nie, P. Y. A comparative study of feed-in tariff and renewable portfolio standard policy in renewable energy industry. Renewable Energy, 74, 255-262.

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