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Marketing research is the particular activity providing market needs. The market research involved the analysis and collection of data that are necessary for marketing 1. Discuss the role that marketing research can play in helping Marriott formulate sound marketing strategies Through marketing research, Marriot began innovating in the hospitality industry by growing its products contribution in the year 1980’s in both directions. The market research assisted the Marriott in knowing the audience, identify the demand, completion policy, and market dynamism, microeconomic and political situation in the country. Market risk and how to overcome the challenges. The market research conducted by the focus group and the survey research illustrates that there is a lack of enough hotels that could offer different services to different market segments. The present hospitality by then providing the same basic needs making them hard to compete with one another. The Marriott took the opportunity of the lack of the diversity and invested in the scale sate back and the price sensitivity as well as providing the variety of the services. The research assisted the Marriott coupes to identify the demands, the size of the high ends segment was unsubstantial, and the couples wanted the quality to empower their customs. What are the different Marriott affiliated hotels in the Arab world? • Marriott Courtyard hotels • Larger Marriott Hotels • Fairfield Inns • Ramada Line • TownePlace Suites 3. Marriott would like to further penetrate the non-business travelers segment in the Arab world. Define the management decision problem Management decision problems relates to the problem that managers or decision maker faces.

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The required what the decision maker needs to do. The unknown of the target segment and the concentration are of the unknown target segment. Second is to identify who are the potential clients and why they should come to Marriott like visiting friends, fashion show, to stay (Naresh, et al). They have different purpose which illustrate different demands. Marriott and other groups adapting these practices defining them as the revenue management. Marriott hotels also utilized high profile advertising campaigns to communicate with both external and internal customers. Employee involvement through as restricted participation on management decision. Define an appropriate marketing research problem based on the management decision problem you have identified. Use the internet to determine the most recent market share of the major hotel chains. Due to the major the success of the hotel chains, the independent hotels keep dropping in the market share from 49.

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of all hotels in 2013 to 39. in the year 2018 in the internationalization of significant hotels because of the lodging saturation on the developed countries. The hotel chains look to globalize or internationalize to explore new market and expanding new opportunities for future survival still have chances. Discuss the role of quantitative research in helping Marriot further penetrate the non-business-travelers segment in the Arab world. There are two fundamentally different methods to conduct a research survey, namely qualitative and quantitative approach. Qualitative is primary exploratory research; It used to gain understanding on underlying reasons, opinion and motive. Qualitative research provides insight into the problem to develop solution ideas and advice. The quantitative analysis is used to quantify the problem by developing numeric data that can transform into available statistics. Marriott had to gain insights, ideate and test these ideas.

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Given that the sheer size of Marriott, developing and implementing new strategy is not small excise, the team identified 14 locations across the globe, in China, Middle East, Europe, and the UK. I recommend the setup of incubator labs and invite the teams across the Marriott hotels to focus on the idea of several food and beverages with the award for the team with a winning concept. Illustrate the use of the primary scale for measuring consumer preference for hotel chains. Scale Basic Characteristic Consumer Preference measurement Use Nominal Numbers identity and classify object Dish name, number of dish, food category, and store name. Stapel scale has some distinctive feature: one item one item has only one word or phrase indicating the dimension it represents. One question has ten categories, and one piece has even number of groups.

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In Stapel scale in rating, the zero number is absent meaning no neutral attitude to ask the question. Develop a questionnaire for assessing consumer preference for hotels when on vocation. The questionnaire of the family being on vocation in the Marriott International Company should not contain any question. The second techniques are through evaluating the fieldworkers, using the feedback they got from the review. The third method is the cost and time, and response rate. Conclusion To some extend every company are involved in research of the market in which it operates. Gathering information concerning the prospect of the market, and its competitors like range, prices, marketing policies and consumer behaviours preferences are made by all market participant in the simple intuitive form. There is no need to prove that the completeness and relevance of market information are essential of the company.

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