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Another good thing about me is that I like talking to the people around me. I never discriminate on whom I talk to regarding race, age, gender or common basis. I look strong which means I can easily earn some respect from the people that I lead. The fact that I love taking decision shows that I am a good leader. In cases where I have faced situations which needed me to make decisions, I always do my best to make better decisions. The other motive which can influence a dynamic leader is that of power. I pursue leadership to gain respect from people and to get high esteem from others. Affiliation motives also guided me into becoming a leader to have social needs at my disposal which may include affection, getting good friendship and get a sense of belonging.

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Basing on the leadership journey as an individual one also needs to check on the people, events, and experiences which have been a key thing in making him/her a dynamic leader. My parent says that they could realize the leadership qualities in me. To show that I value teamwork, even in those leadership positions I gave people others a chance to decide, but finally, I gave the final authority. Giving a consensus also shows that I am a dynamic leader. Again, I find myself encouraging the issue of democracy which makes those around me perceive me as a leader. In cases where I find myself being expected to do a different and wrong thing, I always stand for the right thing. For example, I attended an interview last month, later on, we were told to wait for the results, and one of the panelists approached me.

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The other test which I use to know whether am a dynamic leader is the psych test. This test uses questions to know whether a person can lead. The test asks the question such as whether an individual gives feedback after getting the other person's opinion, do a person break big projects to more manageable steps and do a person take time to evaluate which strategies have been put forward together with assessing the progress made ("Dynamic Leadership - Shaping and Discovery," 2015). The other question is whether the management should give reward those who do a good job and what are the people's views about an individual. This assessment gives a report which shows that I am a dynamic leader. This helps me to identify myself as a dynamic leader. In addition to the above tests, I use dynamic wealth test to know my personality.

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The test links my strengths and weaknesses. This test gives a clear role model (Leavy, 2015). It then gives the strategies that I should follow to bring out the better version of myself. The assessment by my boss gave me a clear back up to my personality. The boss may not be biased by any means. The main issues raised by the boss to show that I am a dynamic leader are likely to be accurate. My boss described me as a person who demonstrates honesty in whatever I do (Mccloskey, 2014). My boss said that I could say no even in situations where the others are saying yes and that I show some level of joint accountability in my endeavors. Organizational culture has also influenced how I perceive leadership. I work in an organization that does not encourage leadership traits, which makes me to never practice his leadership qualities (Crossan, Vera, & Nanjad, 2008).

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This makes it hard for me to lead. The national culture has also influenced my perceptions towards leadership. For example, my country doesn't give women a chance to lead in big positions, and this discourages my leadership qualities. Learning to be positive has as well influenced my relationship building. As per the feedback I got from my boss and my friend, I came to realize that indeed I am a leader. The Mcclellands theory may be useful in this case to understand the motives in which I do things like a dynamic leader (Crossan, Vera, & Nanjad, 2008). As has been put by this theory, I follow the achievement motive where I aim at achieving certain goals and objectives. To add on to that, power motives guide me in doing things in the right way with the aim of earning respect by the people in the workplace.

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