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(2013), organizations need to invest in people who are successful and possess the right skills. Furthermore, firms should invest in developing the persons who do not possess the skills now. This research paper expounds my leadership strengths, weaknesses, goals and discusses how to improve my leadership abilities. My leadership strengths Noruzy, et al. (2013) postulates that a good leader should lead others in planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating firm activities. I like the sense of responsibility. I don`t like to sound important and have what it takes to bring people to the next level. Hackman & Johnson, (2013) formulates that effective leaders are harmonizers. As compromiser/ harmonizer, I mediate in cases of internal conflicts through jokes and attempts to bring persons with divergent views together.

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My objective is to bring assurance when any disagreements arise. I motivate others to strive to the same objective and at the note prefers ideas which lead to rational decision making. Identifying problems and applying appropriate experiences and knowledge is one of my abilities. The ability to respond to varied situations aids me to understand and recognize the behavior and feelings of others, monitoring their feelings and thoughts is enhanced. Ability to relate and interact with individuals from all levels within the organization is one of my attributes. I relates well with peers, subordinates and superiors. Also, I easily give up when things are not going according to plan. My goals My major goal is to make the firm achieve its mission and vision.

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