Eight session volunteer work group which is targeted at 10 hidden elderly members

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3 Factors Influencing life satisfaction 6 Statement of problems 7 Purpose of the study 7 Methodology 8 Research Question 8 Measurement 9 Limitations 9 References 10 Abstract The proposed evaluation proposal is intended to investigate the approaches that can be employed by an eight-session volunteer work group which to improve the feeling of worthiness as well as self-esteem among the elderly members. The study focuses on 10 “hidden” elderly members that will held at Neighborhood Elderly Center (NEC). The member that will be recruited in the study are those that are aged at least 60 years old and they are victims of role alienation ultimately suffering from low self-esteem. Strength-Based Model will be used to guide how cooperation will be established between the recruited aged members and volunteer workers. 4-point Likert Scale will be used to collect the responses from the targeted elderly members.

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2 The experiences of coping with aging process The experience of aging signifies to self-perceptions that an individual experiences during the aging process. The experiences tend to be multidimensional as well as multidirectional, thus, indicating that individuals tend to experience both the gains and losses in diverse realms, such as physical, psychosomatic and social functioning. Coping is perceived as the ability to adapt to new pattern of life and therefore, it affects the ability of the elderly people to contribute significantly in the daily affairs of the society (Lagacé et al. There are several factors that tend to affect their ability to contribute in their society such as, health, functional abilities and also the support they receive from the fellow members of society.

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Foret, (2012) studied about how the elderly perceive the contribution made by the peer-run community-based groups. The study concluded that an ideal nursing home care is a setting where it is characterized by least restrictive surrounding for older adults in order to remain engaged with their daily life routine within the community. Moreover, the setting should also provide an opportunity for the elderly to interact with their family and friends. Availability of adequate care and attention towards the elderly in a home care environment, can enhance the aged population to have the control and autonomy to lead a decent life that will offer optimal satisfaction. According to study conducted by Zhou et al. , (2014) also revealed that 65% of the elderly people suffer from low-esteem due to alienation that they are subjected to by their society.

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The volunteer work group will be guided by the following research objective: To enhance the self-esteem of the elders by encouraging them to participate in social affairs once a week. The objective will based on the aging theory, which assert that elders remain active as well as sustenance of social interactions which could aid them promote sense of worthiness so as to achieve satisfaction in their life. Thus, the volunteer work group strongly believe by encouraging the elderly members to become volunteers to the community affairs will significantly improve their self-esteem level ultimately improving satisfaction in their life. Methodology To enhance the volunteer work group will be able to achieve the targeted objectives, it will employ Strength-Based Model in order to ensure there is a mutual cooperation between the service provider and the targeted recipient.

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The chosen model will facilitate in making the recruited elderly members to collaborate with the agents providing the care and therefore, the elderly will have the opportunity to participate as the co-producers of services instead of solely serving as the consumers of the delivered services. Limitations Since the entire study will endeavor to study the elderly members on how their role participation in community affairs can be enhanced, the researchers will be compelled to consider the health status their participants. Additionally, the study will have to liaise with the concerned doctors in order to assess the ideal time to involve the targeted aged respondents in the study. The prevailing environment is another dominant factor that will impact on the overall welfare of the respondents, therefore, the outcome of this study will significantly depend on the prevailing environment.

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