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It is noted, however, that children exposed to this kind of violence suffer more than the adults. These children may, at times, tend to think that they are to blame if, for instance, they experience child abuse in their own homes. They may become withdrawn and later on in life indulge in crime and violence. These violent acts, according to Herman, should remind us that when a space where victims can speak their minds is created then liberation is achieved. (Herman 1992) Former United States of America gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar has, as said by a Michigan judge, sexually molested two hundred and sixty-five victims. Thomashow’s elder sister while studying at MSU. Nassar apologized to court implying that the victim’s statements had affected him to his deepest core.

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He thought that he understood and acknowledged that it paled in comparison to the trauma, pain, and comparison that everyone felt. His rants of apologies went on and on but Judge Janice Cunningham, mentioning Larry’s former pleas of innocence, lengthened his sentence. She did not think that he had truly understood that what he did was wrong and stated that he was in “denial”. The Michigan State government cleared its name claiming that never before had they heard of the allegations against Larry Nassar. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has both been praised as a compassionate defender of victim’s rights and ridiculed as a show-off who undermined the uprightness of the criminal justice system. That makes it hard to pin her to the right or the other side.

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She openly fated Nassar a monster and stated, “I just signed your death warrant”, at which she let her thoughts be felt. She felt that Nassar was a horrific creature that should spend all its life behind bars for all the evil things he had done against the women he treated (Yan 2018) Nassar’s predatory acts caused a lot of damage to the community in which he had thrived. She and her husband are both at crossroads; let the child go on with the sport and bear a really stressful time trying to talk to her about sex or make her drop it to avoid ever falling into such a trap (Yan 2018). A parent’s goal is to keep her child happy, safe and loved at all costs and when something as grotesque as interpersonal violence is deemed to happen then the parent must retain the child as safe as possible, no matter what.

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Although I feel that parents should tell their children what sexual violence is, they should still keep the safety of the child as the first priority. Childhood sexual trauma, like the one instigated by Larry Nassar to his victims, can have disturbing side effects such as suicide. They may also undergo low sexual interests and relationship difficulties later on in life. This means that they need to keep an eye on whatever poses a threat. They are reminded that they need to bear witness within their confines even if it means being lonely. (Herman 1992). Through these lessons the victims are put on a path to recovery. They come to terms with the reality that it happened and they need to move on even though the wounds shall linger in their minds.

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