What can be done in order to curb human trafficking

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Some of the techniques that can be employed to curb human trafficking include the establishment of national referral center to refer victims of trafficking and presumed victims. Furnishing people with fast hand information about human trafficking and also raising campaigns against human trafficking. Parliamentary sub-committees against human trafficking should also be established at a country level. The objective of the study will be to find out how human trafficking victims are exploited in the society. The research will help other researchers and the international community to understand what human trafficking victims and probably the root causes of such a social evil. Once they are ferried to another country they are forced to keep working as the captor may claim the victims owe him.

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Small boys are trained to handle the gun and kill those whom they are told to, as much as they may not be willing. Women and small girls are forced into prostitution whereby they are "bought" for some time and slept with, usually the money is paid to whoever is holding them captive. Most victims remain in captivity since they may be scared to free themselves. According to (DuPont, 2009), human trafficking existed even in ancient times. Human trafficking involves a variety of crimes and abuses, from recruitment process, movement of such people their trade inclusive of their body parts. Generally, there is a lot of exploitation that trafficked human beings are subject to an understanding of such exploitations will be very useful in creating awareness and fighting against human trafficking.

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Statement of the Problem Human trafficking impacts negatively on the individual and their nation. Trafficked people are separated from their families, exposed to exploitations, this paper seeks to create awareness of the various methods that can be employed in order to curb the vice. Objectives of the Study The general objective of the study is to find out what can be done in order to curb human trafficking in the society. Root causes of Human Trafficking According to a UN report, human trafficking mostly originates in areas where poverty is rampant. So poverty greatly contributes to human trafficking. The traffickers trap people affected by poverty, they are promised jobs in other countries but it turns sour once they get to the destinations, they are forced to work under harsh conditions with poor pay.

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Another cause of human trafficking is the global inequalities among human beings. Some things that certain human beings are lesser and should be treated as slaves. Human trafficking may be Women trafficking for commercial sex purposes, children trafficking for enrollment in a militia since they are the source of cheap labor, men trafficking to be sent into war and for the provision of cheap labor. What can be done to Curb Human Trafficking? Focus on place of origin A government should set up agencies that focus on where recruitment of human trafficking takes place, this means that the problem should be nipped in the bud. This focus is more proactive than being reactive. There are success stories that have shown the approach is effective, (Mishra, 2015).

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Focus on the Destination Focusing on a destination of the trafficking of human beings is another way that the government can employ to curb human trafficking. Operational Terms Trafficking- clipping of human beings Servitude-the state of being a slave Debt bondage- pledge of labor as security for debts Involuntary- without intention Exploitation- forcibly depriving someone METHODOLOGY This chapter points out the research design that the research will be used in conducting the research. The chapter will contain research design procedure. It also points out the instruments or tools used to collect data, data validity, and reliability, finally data analysis and presentation. Research Design The study will utilize a descriptive research design. The design is suitable for the proposed case study since the informant will be in a better position to understand and answer the questionnaire.

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