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In many cases, children and even adults are found on their living in the tattered streets. To some, homelessness is a temporary feeling, long-term and to others, there s the multiple episodes of going from a house to becoming homeless. Homelessness comes with critical challenges which include lack of shelter, safety, and warmth. Further, individuals that lack proper housing experiences issues of hostility, sanitary facilities, food insecurity, personal security and issues of maintaining contact with government and friends (Howard, 2013). Lack of employment, inadequate housing, natural disaster, social programmes, and overpopulation are important factors behind homelessness. However, many states are not ready to develop workable housing policies which continued to make the issue of homelessness a major global a social issue (Howard, 2013).

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For instance, in 2005, when the United Nations surveyed homelessness, it was found out that an estimated 100 million people from around the world were homeless. The rate of homelessness is increasing fast as at 2015; UN-Habitat found out that an estimated 1. 6 billion individuals did not have adequate housing. According to OECD, access to affordable and quality housing is a vital requirement and essential in achieving of social policy goal and objectives (OECD, 2017). From time immemorial, immigrants have been using tents that are donated by a charitable organization for shelter. This is due to the urgency and dire need of shelter that these refugees find themselves. The tents are however not a solution to strong cold, rains and even heat that is found in an area common with immigrants.

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Vulnerable groups such as children and elderly succumb to cold-related illnesses as a result of poor housing. It is, therefore, an important thing to explore the immigrants' policy and understand the many problems such as economic, social and political theta they cause to the housing sector. For instance, Theresa May said that the rising demand for houses in Britain was a result of increased immigration. The issue of immigration had affected the prices of houses to an increase of about 10 percent. Major theories can be effectively applied to explain the immigrants' policy and their effects on the communities including housing issues. Important theories, in this case, will include conflict theory, structural, functional theory and queer theory (Aristide, 2006). Conflict theory is crucial and can effectively address the challenge of housing that immigrants are causing.

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Structural, functional theory of functionalism is a sociological based theory that can effectively be used in explaining the aspect of immigrants' policy and its effects on society. The theory was developed by Hebert Spencer who created a notion that society and human body were indeed related. He suggested that just from the way the body organ works together the society is of a similar conformation. He also termed society as a system made of complex organs that are independent but interrelated. Spencer suggested that society was controlled by social structures which ensure that essential values are followed. For instance, United States is one of the most affected by this issue. Immigrant policies are related to health, housing, employment, education and welfare programs (Maliene, 2009).

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Through this policy, provision of important social services is integral in enhancing its effectiveness. A lot of efforts are being put forward by involved countries to the immigrants' policies that target to make lives of refugees and the other citizens better. Most immigrants come from the developing countries into the developed countries in search of better jobs. For instance, critical challenges such as poor sanitation, security, overcrowding and lack of standard housing facilities are an issue that needs to be resolved. The situation is made worse by the immigrants' policy which is allowing more foreigners to settle into the already overcrowded urban areas. Theories are also important which demonstrates critical aspects of immigrants and the social issues involved. Essential recommendations should be put in place, in this case, to ensure all essential stakeholders are consulted for feasible planning.

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