Employee Training and Development Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

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Most bosses in Human Resource Management are so focused on achieving the fourth level of evaluation that they forget the significance of the first three levels of evaluation. The Kirkpatrick model of evaluation breaks down the evaluation process so as to assess the effectiveness of training from different views. The results of each evaluation step provide important information which reflects on the success of the entire training program. Training is not just meant for the trainees, it must be aligned with the organization's mission, vision, and goals. Training can only be truly successful if these three essentials are established in order to design specific training needs that will ensure that the goals, mission, and vision are achieved. A cost analysis will guide money proportions for different departments through the management and control of costs in training and evaluation.

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“Goethe, the German philosopher, asks three questions that may help the trainer to decide on the design and the evaluation of the training project,” (Author). The three Goethe questions: what are you trying to do? How well are you doing it? and Is it worth doing? are essential when designing a training program and an evaluation. These questions help the trainer understand the objective, risks, and processes for training. Answering these questions allows a trainer/ HR manager to assess the objectives of training, the resources needed, measurability for evaluation and the impact on the entire company to determine whether it is worthy for the company and its employees. com/workplace-training/evaluating_training_effectiven. html Gardner, J. The ADDIE Evaluation Phase. Retrieved from https://youtu.

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