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The construct of determination positions an entrepreneur to implement decisions based on perceptions, competence and confidence. Self-confidence maintains and enhances self-esteem which is an important human impulse. Having confidence in one’s abilities is important in developing efficacy which is crucial in goal achievement and creation of persistence during adversity in the business (Lofstrom et al. With the persistence, performance determination can be carried out by the entrepreneur while building on a higher motivation act through increased self-confidence. Economists indicate that past growth levels determine tolerance an aspect that is at the center of an entrepreneurs’ heart. A score of 15 in the aspect indicate that like other entrepreneur’s, there is a need in me for achievement based on the small margin difference with the average score.

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The second aspect under the band is power and control appeal which had the same result as need for achievement with the same average set for the band. Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for individuality and sort of privacy in business operation thus the high score in control appeal (Doepke et al. The need for challenge scored a 13 out the band average of 16. This score reflect on the need for improvement in finding an aspect that would challenge me as an entrepreneur to be more innovative or ambitious. In my imagination, I knew and believed that I am very creative and this was confirmed by the creativity score of 20 with a band average of 21 which was pretty much impressive. In order to execute improvement plans on need for challenge and action-orientation, self-efficacy will have to be developed to create a higher order of need for challenge through control of the brain internal locus.

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