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The paper tries to explore the symptoms of the disorder, its causes as well as the treatment. Several symptoms have been associated with the disorder as well as the causes and the treatment offered towards the disorder. With the use of reviewed journal, the paper associated the disorder with other disorders. Introduction The anxiety disorder in general is a mental disorder that drives to cause worry and fear in the livelihood of a person. The induction of a person in a past experience might drive to have them inducted in a fearful impact that keeps on encompassing their minds when exposed to certain events or activities. Also the person starts to develop sleeping problems and dizziness as well as not being able to stay calm at various times. The development of these produces to have the person’s mind introduced to another different cycle such that one unable to sleep at night.

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Other symptoms that follow the person include experiencing shortness of their breadth, dry mouth, tense muscles and nausea. These experiences generally affect the psychological cycle of the person and induct him or her into fear moment and worries almost every time one is exposed to people or even being alone. Causes of social anxiety The social anxiety disorder happens to be generally an alteration in the psychological reasoning and behavior of the person due to certain influences. The feeling of unattainable satisfaction from the adolescents feelings and emotions seem to contribute to occurrence of fear and panic between the parties, (Davies, 2016). It has been established that some of the young adolescents or youths fear to involve themselves with social or peer relationships due to the developed worry from their first relationships that turned out to cause pain to them, (Social Phobia).

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On this the developed fear turn out to be a continuous event and worrying times for the peers rendering them to develop the social anxiety disorder. Financial independence and employment opportunities: The high number of unemployment and financial needs from young people as well as adults has been viewed as a factor causing SAD, (Crome, 2014). According to Erica, 2015, there has been an establishment that the financial struggles and lack of employment in Australia has reflected to cause worrying and distressing livelihood of the people. Vilazodone is the most applied medication in this category given its revelation as a partial agonist in the receptor and its efficiency of normalizing the perceptions in a person’s mind. Conclusion The anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that causes fear and worry in the mind of a person.

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The social anxiety disorder is a form of anxiety disorder that is generally found in the livelihood of young adolescents. The disorder causes panic and fear amongst the victims in their daily lives. The disorder is projected by various symptoms that appear in the perceptions of the victims, caused by various factors as well as the two famous treatments models surrounding the disorder. S. Cameron, M. E. Schiffman, J. Current diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders. Crome, E. Grove, R. Baillie, A. J. Sunderland, M. Christmas, D. M. Button, K. S. Evans, J. Psychiatry journal, 2017. Social Phobia. Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, www. minddisorders. com/Py-Z/Social- phobia.

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