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The patting itself displays a picture of a undressed lady, tended by a maid while a black cat which is located at the far right shows a strangely out at the onlooker. The maid is shown presenting the flowers which probably can be termed as a gift. • The French practice at the time suggested that the woman should be modeled with a historical or mythical theme. The attention that is brought out by the painting is the dark background and the light presented by Olympia lying on her bed. This most outstanding things about the painting are that Olympia is a real woman. The painting also carries two names at it was originally known as Marina. The reason for changing the painting name was to avoid too much interpretation.

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Post-Impressionism Artist; Paul Cezanne, The Card Players, ca. 1890-1895 • The painting shows much of the careerists of the art. The painting has been done five times at different time zone shows a series of painting. Cubism Artist: Pablo Picasso, Guernica, ca. 1937 • Guernica is a painting that shows the disasters of war and the grief that was caused to the people. The image acts as a reminder of the calamities of war and also as a sign of harmony. The Guernica is famous and unique as it was displayed around the world in a brief tour. • The work is brought out as an amalgamation of pastoral and epic styles. H. O. O. Q. , ca. The artwork also seemed to argue about the original artists of Mona Lisa that is Leonardo.

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The artwork is related to the artist’s inability to finish his work to the sublimation. Duchamp argued that Leonardo was homosexual. Surrealism Artist: Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, ca. 1931 • The artwork is presented in a piece of paper that is small yet it has contributed much to the artwork progress. Suprematism Artist: Kazimir Malevich, Black Square, ca. 1915 • The painting is one of the twentieth century emblematic paintings. The original abstract movement of the painting and also its background is based on a theological grounding; philosophical treatises; architectural models among others that give it the new visual environment through the introduction of decorative designs. • The painting itself is a symbol of revolution making it a major characteristic of the black painting.

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The black painting is a different kind of art object to what people used to experience before. What makes the painting to be colorful is the types of colors that have been used to color the artwork. They include; red, yellow and blue, Benday dots color the woman’s skin while adding the image on the contextual windows. • The woman in the painting is brought out as worried as she holds her face with her hands showcasing hopeful expression. This gives the viewer the amusing tension of searching the deeper narrative adjacent to the absent mate even while the concern of the woman is perfectly dressed. The hair is in stylish coiffed as well as outshined by her stylish allure. The box has been one of the outstanding forms of art and contributing to much development of artwork.

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