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Nevertheless, the current social setting seems to be devoid of knowledge in pursuing integrity. As a matter of fact, in the current generation integrity seems to have declined because of the declining trend in honesty. Honesty refers to the virtue of being truthful based on one’s opinion. Honesty, therefore, cannot be substituted with integrity but is a subset of integrity. The increasing level of societal moral decline has promoted the decline of moral principles. If the person in charge is an individual of questionable character then, the credibility of the data is; likely to evoke questions, especially where there is a conflict of interests among the parties involved. Due to conflicts of interests especially in the most contented data management, cases of lack of integrity erupt which are manifested in multiple ways.

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For instance, in case of encrypted and protected data cases of cybercrimes are as a response as hacking the data. The individuals involved in such criminal activities are motivated by the absence of integrity. Any system that is devoid of integrity, exalts the results as opposed to the process. On the other side, the political leaders are unethical that is why they use bribes in order to influence voters yet knowing that is an outright violation of the election laws. In addition, it depicts the death of morality when the leaders out rightly fail to abide by their campaign manifestos but instead embark on a looting spree to amass wealth for selfish motives instead of serving the public. In addition, modern forms of lack of honesty and integrity can be trolled to a work place.

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Such incidences would involve situations whereby a work is never respecting their counterparts either though conversations or ways of communicating. Managers also would lack integrity in cases whereby they hold important information that need to be communicated to the lower level employees as well as not taking concerns of the employees with due seriousness. For instance, a rich person may honestly consider themselves more important than others in the same social set-up yet such conduct reflects pride of life which is unethical and against the social code of conduct. Therefore integrity refers to honest convictions of a person which are in line with the rule of morality as guided by the accepted social code of conduct. Works cited Carter, Stephen L.

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