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Besides, Kerouac, on his literature work “on the road” made him famous and was well known throughout the world. The Kerouac lifestyle mostly associated with prohibited medications, paraphernalia, roaming and writing and noted as the model of a beat. On the other hands, the Burroughs, had a different crowning to take, he was older than other writers and did not have the image of youthful as depicted in the Kerouac, keeping a superior life as compared to Kerouac, life was full of isolation within the scene giving his dignity of the aura of a godfather and man well filled with knowledge (Burroughs 78). Besides, Burroughs was a professional teacher and this could be revealed since he did spend much of his time studying and knowledge gained is what he termed as the “facts of life”, this he believes was necessary for human life as illustrated in Kerouac Burroughs, “on the road”.

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This paper tries to explicitly explain the contemporary issues of the two poetic writers, Kerouac and Burroughs, through the examination of their works, “on the road” and Big Sur, Junkie, and "Naked Lunch" looking into the similarities or dissimilarities as illustrated below. Besides, in his novel, Big Sur adversely looked upon the Kerouac, nasty life due to involvement in much drinks losing his power and which consequential brought due to traveling as described in his novel “Big Sur”. On other hands, Burroughs William love a lot of literature at his tender of 18 years, had well-established background that made his successful life for passion he loves very much, he had acquired weapon from the possession of the father and never strange when confined with such in his room at the Harvard University where he studied anthropology besides the literature work ("Beats and Naked Lunch" 231).

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Besides, he able to travel all over the parts European, he wrote the first and this period was much associated with Beat coin where the joined together with friend Jack Kerouac. Burroughs had notes in form of dairy and this interestingly helped developed the first novel title Junk was also much involved in drugs. Furthermore, Burroughs books were full of musical reference just like that of the Kerouac. Both writers had common unique use of language which they felt could not assist in presenting their grievances, local language in artwork is not ideal and this cannot be of greater help to the society, Kerouac and Burroughs argued that the use of ordinary is not best tailored to represent their experiences, instead through their contextual work, they use the critique ways to tend change the society and adopted use of language that is legible to the readers (Calonne 68).

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Moreover, Kerouac and Burroughs, show variation in their artwork and this is revealed through the length of artwork, for instance, the length and the sentence structure differ from one line to the next but follow the logic patterns of the arrangement of the contextual work, Kerouac art shows a lengthy sentence while the Burroughs shows short length sentence arrangement ("Beats and Naked Lunch" 231). This is shown through the analysis of their theory contained in the artwork, Kerouac uses the spontaneous prose where the sentence was extended by the unusual display of punctuation whereas the Burroughs used cut-up theory to exploit short makeup of sentence which shows consistency. Despite, Kerouac and Burroughs have the same piece of work which are fundamental to their writings due to the use of the language that is legibly understandable to many, there is lack of the any current orientation to the real format in mind hence giving rise to much discrepancy of their artwork, for the various novel written ("Beats and Naked Lunch" 231).

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