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The project review will also find out if the project budget plan of $ 15, 000 has been successful and there was no extra cost whatsoever. Reviewing the risks in terms of the most threatening and the extent at which the risks affect the company operations is also fundamental to Max Lionel Realty. Towards the end of the project, it is apparent that the actual cost surpassed the budget of $ 15,000 by a slight margin. The project incurred the company about $ 17, 000 therefore exceeding the budgeted figure. A good review suggests that the idea of physically meeting the stakeholders proved to have surpassed the budgeted figure. Project scheduling is one of the tools adopted by Max Lionel Realty throughout the project. An article by Landau (2017) explain that project scheduling makes it easier when creating task list for the team members, therefore, it is efficient in bringing everyone into the process after adopting the project schedules online.

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