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An example, if one wants to lose weight he or she may engage in activities such as football to aid in reducing weight since it is considered as a physical activity. The second characteristic of football is bringing people together mostly the youth. Many people at a tender age engage in football as a sport for having fun. They would come together and split into teams and play against each other. Example, football is used to bring people together by for an example calling for a tournament. Basketball unlike football requires sudden movements such as running, jumping, ducking and dodging hence one can easily sprain an ankle. The spraining of the ankle regularly can result from a buildup of scar tissue which leads to restriction of the ankle hence stressing the knee.

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This is, however, does not happen in football. Swimming Although swimming is a good sport mostly when you want to lose weight, drowning is one of the biggest fear factors and a disadvantage of swimming. One can easily drown if he or she is not a good expert at it. Compared to football, the longer you play football the more you become familiar with the game and become an expert at it. Sadly this is not the same case with swimming since the more you become a swimmer the more you contract the swimmer asthma. Conclusion Football is a good sport which is an entertainment, a culture and a career unlike basketball and swimming. Football does not involve high rate injuries like the other two sports hence highly recommendable.

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