Ethical Decision Making in Hiring

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The employees' actions and decisions should be in line with a set of principles outlined in that organization, and which have been proven to yield high levels of productivity and effectiveness. Therefore, ethics should be incorporated into every step of decision-making including the hiring process because it confers great trust and reliability of anything that is done in line with it. Code of Conduct and Ethics Although these terms are most of the time applied interchangeably, that is a mistake. The two terms refer to two distinct documents. The code of conduct that mainly governs actions and code of ethics that guides in the making of decisions represent the two common methods of self-regulation especially in big companies. These two codes have helped many companies avoid scandals and establish a healthy reputation and work climate.

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The two codes are very important in any business. They enhance the beliefs, core values and establishes the appropriate culture for the company. They also foster an environment of ethical behavior and trust. They give a mission and a vision to that organization. It is the ethical responsibility of the interviewers to offer the candidates correct information on the company and the nature of the work they will undertake. The employers can be held accountable as a result of withholding of information that candidates require to evaluate the possible jobs such as job title, working conditions, the current and the future situation of the business and all aspects of the compensation package (Winston, 2018). Complete disclosure needs to have the privacy of the company protected including checking the social media.

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Legal ground rules is another critical consideration in ethical hiring. It is important for employers to inquire about the candidate's history of crime. However, these risks can be reduced by hiring employees using a hiring process that integrates honesty and ethics in every step. When a hiring process is ethical, it will translate to having the best candidates offered for the job, and also it will minimize the chances of having problems in the organization in the future. Where the process is transparent, there is trust that is built. A company that is known to hire people without discrimination and bias on any irrelevant basis will win the truth of the public, and this will also have an impact on the relationship between that organization and the public.

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