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They are expected to be knowledgeable and skillful, in an effort to effectively implement the customer service principles effectively. Customer service principles are important in ensuring that the customer experience is improved, with quality service offered to the customer. In the retail stores I visited, I was able to experience the three experiences, with one being an inquiry, the other purchase, and lastly placing a supply order. The three experiences were different on the grounds that each entry was treated differently and demanded a different service from the other. In the instance where an inquiry was made, the customer service was keen in giving the customer time, and clarifying all the possible concerns they raised. Essentially, giving the customer required attention, and listening keenly to them was one that applied to all the scenarios.

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The idea of giving the customer the time they require and giving them the listening ear, is a good customer relation skill (Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2016). Essentially, through this, the customer felt valued, as they became the central interest. This was important in improving their customer experiences, and the delivery of quality service to their customers. Through such effective listening skills, it is easy to get the customer’s feedback and their experience with the products. This can be helpful in enhancing brand loyalty and improving purchases. The observe, measure and coach approach to improving performance can be important when it comes to the scenarios witnessed. In observing the employees, it helps to identify the practices, processes and behaviors put in place.

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