Evaluation of part of oil on canvas art by Leonid Anatollevich Purygin 1989

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Emotional responses are always regarded as the major keystones to experiencing art and an emotional experience creation has been found out to be the purpose of artistic expression. Therefore, in the art that I was considering has a lot to do with how I feel and the thoughts I have concerning the artwork. If evokes on me a feeling of beauty, relaxation and happiness though the paintings are done in a landscape that is rather dull but the shining objects like the stars make it a bright and interesting image to evoke such a feeling of happiness to me. Apart from the feeling that is evoked by the artwork, it elicits in me very good emotions of knowledge that helps me to analyze the image in order for me to be able to know, expect and perceive things about it.

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Also, this set of emotion helps spurs my actions hence further urging and motivating me to think more about the image and learn much more about it. For the case of this work, the artist used medium called oil on canvas which are both media that describe the work and also influence how the work is interpreted. Oil affects the work in that it has created the fine colors seen within the art work and hence making the work look very attractive and colorful while the canvas helps in the art work’s adaptability. Oil has also helped in transforming the painting, adding finishes, textures and new possibilities to the work. These are some of the reasons why many have preferred the oil on canvas medium in painting to other media such as fresco.

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For artists who wants medium that allows for easy framing, oil on canvas is the best and can easily be used to change ownership. Another aspect of color that he has used is the complimentary color to help in creating contrast and colors next to each other to create harmony. Form: this is a three dimensional shape that an artist used to create a figure or scene with his work and attract the attention of the viewers. The form used determines if the viewers will get interested in evaluating and studying an art work or not. Hence, Leonid being an artist for a very long time knew that by using the sculpture form in his work, then he would be able to get the attention of viewers and get them to their emotions towards the beautiful art work of his.

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Shape: this is the area enclosed within a line. The artist has used such elements to focus the viewers’ attention on the expression of the art work of being able to understand how historically the universe used to look like. Even though, the artist does not give details of the year of the art work within the image, we can discern and know his personality during the time he came up with the art work and thus say he had a heart inclined to spiritual things. Mode of analysis: there are several modes of analysis of an art work that can be used in analyzing and determining whether an application can be made on the subject matter of such art work.

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Therefore, for the case of this art work by Leonid Purygin that I was considering, I feel that iconographic mode of analysis can be the best to apply to the subject matter of the art work ,since the artist is not talking about the role of women hence making feminist mode not suitable. But for the case of iconographic, we are going to be able to interpret the objects in the art works as signs or symbols which are often based on religious contexts that would have been understood at the time the art work was made. "The evaluation of art. " Philosophical Aesthetics (1992): 349-380. Pallas, John, and Anastasios A. Economides. "Evaluation of art museums' web sites worldwide. "Aesthetics and philosophy of art criticism; a critical introduction.

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