Existential Psychotherapy Essay

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When a person is an existential vacuum, it means that the person does not have the purpose of life and he or she is not doing anything to make it meaningful. Freedom and Responsibility Under the category of freedom and responsibility, it means that one as the liberty to choose whatsoever they want for determining their own destiny. It is also meaning that we are accountable for our actions, that is, everything that we get to choose from a certain effect in our lives. Therefore, even though we take no choice about being shoved into the world, the way in which we live therefore reflects the type of choices that we make in life. I cannot be able to succeed if there is a lack of freedom and denial of the responsibilities.

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As a therapist, the main work is to help the clients to discover how they are avoiding freedom and encourage them to learn on the ways in which they can improve their lives (Thompson, 2017). If one fails to do or encourage them, they may end up depending on the therapist all the time. As a therapist, one is tasked with two responsibilities, that is; to get the clients to understand how they have allowed other people in their lives and the impact they are adding to them. The second task is to encourage them to take steps that important and helpful in improving their lives. Once the client agrees to adhere to these tasks, life changes and the client is able to do something substantial for a living.

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