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Big data is used to describe the huge volume of structured and unstructured data that traditional databases and software cannot handle due to the complex nature of the data (Great Learning n. p). The components of Big Data include human-generated data and machine-generated data. The computer generated data includes application server logs, sensor data, as well as videos and images. On the other hand, human-generated data includes scientific research, medical records, and social media among others. Cybercrime is a major challenge for organizations. According to Hypponen (n. p), there main types of attack happen inline, that is, online fraudsters, online activists, and the government by tapping citizens’ information. Businesses have to protect the data integrity and their customers’ privacy to avoid any of the threats from affecting the collected data.

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Any form of data loss or data leakages could be costly to the organization and lead to the loss of trust. The data includes customer purchase history, personal information, preferences, and concerns. The enterprise information system and the customer relationship management system collaborate to automate business processes. By sharing information across the organization’s departments, the systems ensure that the service cycle, product development cycle, and marketing lifecycles are greatly reduced. This also leads to low operational cost for the business and ensures savings for the company. Explain the impact to date, of social media on business. The method is guided by some key principles like prioritizing customer satisfaction, continuous change of environment, fast delivery of products, among others. On the other hand, a Waterfall project management strategy is when a project is completed in distinct stages before releasing the product to the customers.

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