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What is worn, how it is worn provides others with a subtle read of the social situation. Fashion is a visual medium of presentation that is constantly finding new channels of communication, not only is fashion a form and an art; it also heavily relies on commerce and trade to thrive. On the other hand, film and media focuses on cultural, aesthetic, social inter-connections and significance of cinema, emerging screen technologies and television. On the other hand fashion brands and designers are always seeking new ways to express their designs to build loyal consumers. Through the visual media of film, designers, brands and publications have been able to effectively communicate their ideas, concepts and aesthetics to both specific and general audiences (Wolbers, 2019).

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Owing to new developments and innovative media use, fashion film is destined succeed. Presently, numerous fashion film festivals are held annually to showcase screenings centered on fashion and film (Hancock, II et al. This has given designers, filmmakers and fashion enthusiast a greater platform to showcase their talent. Fashion Film Contrary to current beliefs, fashion films is not in its infancy levels but is seemingly stuck in seclusion within the fashion industry like a prized possession. More than ever before, fashion films is stretching out and trying to fully grasp both the fashion and film industry as its own (Uhlirova, 2019). Moreover, media is an historical theory enterprise that temporal media excavation functions as a theoretical force, a reading of new media and old media in parallel lines (Potts, 2013).

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Media archaeology is rigorously theoretical and decisively non-linear in its historical medial knowledge. Historical and Contemporary Fashion Films Film and fashion have had a deep symbiotic relationship from the first experiment on the use of cinematography at the onset of the 20th century (Rose, 2014). Looking at the British Pathee, online archives, several films regarding fashion trends at the time reveal exciting insights regarding fashion film origins. In early 20th century, moving images would be screened within the Pathe Weekly or Gaumont Actualities in London and Paris respectively. Context of a Fashion Film Affecting its Meaning Although fashion imagery often depicts fashion with an aura of glamour and success, the industry does not explore its ugly side. At the onset of fashion film, people viewed it in newsreels at cinemas, however presently they are inside fashion stores and social media.

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Fashion presently influences gender orientation, politics, culture, beliefs and even public image. The political aspect of fashion is intuitively understood from birth. This is because; the human society is essentially a dressed society (Mijovic, 2013). Creating a strong brand that poses compelling contexts assists customers in connecting clothing with their individuality. When a consumer relates with a brand, a connection is created and the consumers feels as if the brand is an expression of themselves and what they would like to be perceived with (Linden, 2019). Clothing plays a big part on how we express ourselves and fashion film designers and brands are aware of how much first impressions count, and for such reasons their collections always meet the aesthetics. Fashion Film and Fashion Photography Even though fashion fil has assimilated numerous diverse film forms and genres and often evokes intense, short non-narrative spectacles that are dedicated to the promotion and display of fashion.

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Fashion film is characterized as the rhythmic fusion of aural and visual effects almost similar to a music video (Linden, 2019). Films advertisements are well produced, have an artistic sense, clear pictured are easily combined with other film related forms of media and also have a high arrival rate. Contrary to popular beliefs, fashion films have been around since the inception of the cinema but have just recently gained worldwide recognition. This form of media is used for the promotion and advertising of fashion brand but that is not its only purpose. Fashion films are used to represent different societal issues that affect a certain population. Some of the issues addressed by fashion film are political orientations, social problems, and gender related issues.

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