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According to this philosophy, everyone is destined to something particular in their lives and which is not determined by any external forces but only by themselves. As such, man has the freedom to choose one way or the other in every situation and the choice they make is what determines the outcome that is realized. Whether outcomes in life are determined by fate or free will is not clear and is up to debate. However, I believe that sometimes fate is responsible for what happens in life and other times outcomes are simply the aftermath of the choices we make. The theme of fate versus free will is dominant throughout the play in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. While Oedipus is initially oblivious to the reality of his fate, he eventually gets to learn that his wife is actually his mother.

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When he discovers this, it is too late because Jocasta has already committed suicide so he takes her brooches off her and drives them into his eyes and he becomes blind (Sophocles 1406). In the end, Oedipus has lost everything, is blind and in exile just as was foretold by Tiresias. This goes to show the irreversibility of fate and the harm that befalls those who attempt to cheat fate. Tao Te Ching is one of the founding texts for the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. While I do not entirely believe in fate, I have had situations where no other explanation other than the unavoidable hand of fate being at work would have made sense. An example of such situations is an event that took place several years ago.

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I was to go on a short trip with my friends from school. Everything was planned, and I was sure, up to the last minute, that I would be accompanying my friends on the trip. On the night before the trip, we finalized all the plans, and my friends were supposed to pick me up the next morning since we had planned on using a van belonging to one of my friends for the trip. It also made me have a new purpose for life because of the realization that I was kept because there is something I still have to accomplish in this life. This made my healing and recovery successful, and even though I still think of the incident, I have come to terms with its outcome.

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