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Thus, the immigrants were crucial in enhancing the growth of the United States. However, since the 1920s, the United States has grappled with regulated immigration. The United States has been targeted by illegal immigrants who move into the country, in search of the usually delusional "American Dream. " At the period, the number of illegal immigrants in the country was higher than legal immigrants. Thus, the American leadership had to address the immediate issue, and foreign policy became a political agenda. The census conducted in 2010 indicated that at least 13 percent of the American population is made up of the foreign population, the number is estimated at 40 million. The largest foreign-born population is from Latin America and is estimated to be more than half of all immigrants.

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The Asian, European, African and North American populations are estimated at 28, 12,4 and 2 percent respectively. Over half of foreign-born Latin American were born in Mexico. Thus, Mexico- American border is seen as one of the most porous borders, due to the high number of illegal immigrants who cross from Mexico into America (Tavernise, 2018). The estimated people who spoke a language other than English was also estimated at approximately 20 percent. The largest language spoken by the foreign-born is Spanish. (Shin & Kominski, 2010). The education levels are rising for the foreign-born. For example, in Ohio, it was established that 43 percent of the foreign-born population had a college degree compared to a meager 27 percent of the native population that had a college degree. References Grieco, E.

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