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Both formal and informal assessments are appropriate at specific situations. This article will reflect a summary of formal assessment tests applied on a student in a given field. A formal assessment is always an attempt and preplanned system by an educator to ascertain student’s level and the much they have learned. As an educator, in my own assessment over the progress of my students’, I emphasized on different types and examples of Formal Assessment. The first type and tool of assessment I applied on the student is norm reference test. I tried not to close questions thus giving my student a wide area thinking opening his mind of the summarized question. I too assessed the student through observation. This included monitoring closely the student’s behavior in study room.

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I choose to use this tool because it best suits to get into the roots of understand characters of a student like the one under assessment. In this type of assessment, the student is never informed that an assessment is taking place. An example is on the observation assessment. This is because; more time was needed to give a continuous and progressive record of observation on the student’s behavior. Due to time shortage, I preferred implementation to safe time for other tools of assessment hence provide a quality assessment test. I thus called on a maximum of two days of keen observation on the student’s code of contact in class and response to certain situations in study room. ) The results of implementation of the assessment tool Implementation of the assessment tool during the process resulted into deliverance of a system which was lacked some crucial information for finalizing.

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One of the limitations is that, in an assessment tool like observation, the student under assessment test may give a different outlook during the process hence the assessment report obtained is always misleading. During compiling and release of remarks on the assessment process, the results are always unreliable. ) Was it difficult to use? Or was it time consuming? The other limitation is on oral assessment tool where the student under test is required to give some words and there pronunciation, the student may boycott the assessment tool. Ability of a student to give out words and there pronunciation may be affected by emotional factors, for example when the student is taken for assessment in poor mood, definitely he or she will not deliver the best.

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