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The STEM and the General Education systems is to be incorporated within the primary or the secondary schools. The STEM method of education focuses on the study of sciences, technology engineering alongside mathematics in the curriculum. The general education focuses on the ability of the students to think critically and creatively in a classroom context. The debate rages on which of the two systems would benefit the students the most. Will the introduction of new systems through the STEM program be able to change the way students get knowledge or will the General system as is currently in place be so beneficial. In a given study, a researcher conducted a research using the STEM and the non-STEM students, both the female and the males.

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This study showed that the students taking the STEM system were more satisfied and happier than those doing non-STEM programs due to the fact that STEM students enjoyed funding and resource allocation in their programs. The teaching satisfaction for the STEM students was however pathetically lower. Variance, however, was present in terms of satisfaction of the teaching aspect on both genders. While the males were very dissatisfied, the females appeared to be a little bit satisfied as their expectations were met through the system. The main purpose of the program is to encourage the majority of the girls to join STEM and be able to gain benefits that would be able to help in the long run. Funding for the STEM is to be funded by the federal government as suggested by the Department of Education.

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Schools should have computer science opportunities to be able to enroll in STEM programs. Many of the schools, however, are poor and cant is able to afford the science labs and the facilitation that is required of the STEM programs. It is in t5hi view that the government should be able to come up with proper channels and funding to ensure that the less privileged students in schools are provided with the rights materials and devices to kick-start their STEM learning. Science, engineering, and math are just some of the few subjects that are taught in schools. High schools, on the other hand, does not incorporate the concept of STEM and uses the General education system more. Being able to start a child on a STEM program early in life like in the elementary school is beneficial and aids the child to adopt will in the future.

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When it comes to the understanding of math, parents typically don’t understand the concept o0f problem solving and analytical skills in solving problems. STEM comes in to aid an individual to connect the dots that are created and enable one to have the thinking skills. Longitudinal studies however retrieved from the states of North Carolina and Florida evidence that the divide on equal advantages does not exist in long run. The results from the research showed that the higher levels of success a performance of subjects such as math and science is exhibited in students from this minority groups. The level of success in the performance is the same across the board, which is whether one is doing STEM programs or non-STEM programs.

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This research proves that the minority students were successful in math and engineering in STEM environments than they were in non-STEM environments. Based on this results and data, it was found out that the minorities were as more as successful in their academic success in the same way as their cohorts in the other fields. thus, it is imperatr9ve for the federal government to provide funding for the educational based resources such provision of materials that are up-to-date, effective teachers that are paid up to time, reasonable class sizes introduction to early childhood programs, after school and extended programs and the provision of health program(Emeagwali, 2015). Different from other articles that were reviewed, this article outlines the importance for one to establish an equal education opportunities for all learners and is useful in explaining how the STEM education system may benefit learners from a certain demographic region, though for an arguments sake, but would serve as good foundation to demonstrate the importance of funding for the learners in education for students that are not benefitting from the STEM curriculums in the primary and secondary education system.

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This literature is essential in highlighting the fact that providing equal funding for the general education is a feasible solution to the issue. The development of STEM-related facilities was introduced into the curriculum to address the concerns raised for the economic, education and the political scene for the country. The current guidelines as set in the act No Child left behind and America Competes act OF 2007 was meant to augment the educational opportunities for secondary class pupils in the subjects of math, science, and technology. Based on a research presented by the Buffalo and the Detroit, it was established that the use of STEM-based curriculum in the education system provided no real income or benefits for low income and the minority groups.

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