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Stephen, New Brunswick. The company has a broad variety of sugar confectionary and chocolate product lines. With little growth in the domestic market, there is a strategic need for Ganong to become more aggressive in the export market. With this focus on the global market, the company should consider regions that are likely to be more profitable and products that generate more revenue. In exhibit 1, we see that the first category of regions comprising of the Atalantic region, Ontario, and the National Accounts contributes to Ganong’s highest sales income by 67. Ontario and National Accounts follow with sales income of 4,485 and 3,855 respectively. This shows that the Atalantic Provinces are the most profitable regions for GBL, and therefore, the company should increase its sales force in that region to better tap on the market.

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The company should also put considerable market penetration investment in Ontario and National Accounts because those regions also exhibit growth potential. Furthermore, the company should conduct market research to determine why its products are not doing well in the other categories of regions. In exhibit 2, Prairies is the top selling location for GBL’s distributor line sales, contributing to 0. In exhibit 3, sales from the Atlantic distributor line sales location contribute to 30. 2% of the company’s overall sales. The other 15 distributor line sales locations cumulatively contribute to 69. 8% of the company’s overall sales. The company should conduct market research to determine why sales in the Atlantic regions are doing so well, and gain insights on how to improve sales in other regions.

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