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Some of the issues addressed by the two are racial segregation, slavery and the civil war. As president, Lincoln facilitated the end of slavery and ultimate peace in the country during a period when all seemed to be lost. The 1960s was infested with segregation especially in Birmingham where black Americans were prevented from using specific services and areas. Martin Luther’s letter explained his choice of using protests to fight against laws and regulations supporting discrimination of blacks. This essay is going to analyze Abraham Lincoln’s speech after winning the election for a second term as well as Martin Luther’s letter while serving his sentence in prison. His definition of just law was that it is a code made by man and which reflects the laws of the Almighty.

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Peace is also an element that Lincoln and King were keen to address. Lincoln was keen to remind Americans of the transgressions done in the last four years since he assumed office. Heading to his second term, he hoped that those mistakes would be corrected. He also called upon Americans to help one another during the civil war and maintain peace. Both of these parties had their own interests. As president, Lincoln should have called for talks to the civil unrest. Lincoln failed as a leader to handle the grievances of people in advance and waited until the war began. This is in spite of knowing that people dreaded the war and tried their best to avoid it but it seems the forces behind it were too powerful.

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