How depression can affect women and male gender

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According to researchers, women are more susceptible to depression compared to the male gender (Tomita et al. This, therefore, poses a series of research questions such as what is the possible outcome from a depressed individual. And what are the primary reason why female are more susceptible to depression than male? Literature review Among the significant causes of depression in both male and female genders are stress, hormone imbalance, suboptimal nutrition, lack of physical activity, and neurotransmitter imbalance. According to Ross, (2017), the majority of the international students often experience stress due to some factors such as lack of friend and adaptation to the new environment. The stress often causes a response by the adrenal glands to a perceived the stressor. According to Park et al.

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, (2018), the poor dietary often compromise the neurotransmitter and hormones leading to depression to the students. This is explained by the fact that the brain is made of fats and a reduced level of the omega three fatty acids leads to reduced cognitive functions, mood variances and impaired neuronal communication. Finally, exercise often help individual release endorphins that normally help counteract low moods and symptoms of depression. Lack of physical exercise therefore often leads to depression among individuals. As mention, ovulation causes interference in the normal state of the hormones and therefore leading to poor mood to the female gender. Drug abuse and other illegal acts such as unsafe sex are some of the outcomes of depression. It is therefore recommended that appropriate measures should be taken to deal with depressed people around the world.

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